World Nutella Day 2016

Today is World Nutella Day, we will be printing with the great goo today. I will update some of the goodness here as I go:

First I will need to make an STL of the Nutella logo to be able to 3D print it. I need to start with an SVG which was found with a quick Google search. (NOTE: All trademarks are the property of their respective owners)

I am using 123D Design to extrude the SVG. The software allows you to easily export to STL.

The STL can be downloaded Nutella3D.stl (2.3 MB).

I will be printing on the Ultimaker 2 today, so my slicing will be done using Cura. More details on setting up the Discov3ry with the Ultimaker 2 can be found here.

Our collection:

The final Print:

The Nutella3D.gcode (64.8 KB). (I turned material flow to 10% during print as my slicer settings were too high.)