Ultimaker Original Plus + Discov3ry Integration Wiki & Discussion Thread

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[Img] Where to access the electronics board containing the extruder motor driver(s).
Connector, cable, or wiring steps necessary for integration to electronics board.
Wiring schematic. What are the matching colour wiring pairs for the Discov3ry stepper motor compared to your printer? (Black, Green, Blue, Red pair with what?
[Img] The exact location of the connection for the extruder motor driver.
Please note all extra steps for wiring here if the integration for your 3D printer is more involved.

Describe any firmware changes necessary for the integration process. This could include settings like disabling the cold extrusion code, adjusting the EEPROM settings for the Discov3ry (typically ~10-100x default settings), hard coding XYZ offsets for a new nozzle, etc.

[Img] The mounting system you have utilized (link to .stl file if applicable)
Other hardware needed in the mounting process (Links to McMasterCarr are golden)
[Img] How to install the mount on the 3D printer (Include Tools required)
[Img] How to attach Discov3ry tip to the mount. (Is it adjustable? Any other special features that should be known?)

What are the ideal slicer parameters that you have found for a specific material? Layer height, speed, infill, etc. Please share a configuration file that you have successfully utilized, preferably using the slicer that is applicable to your 3D printer.

[Img Gallery] Successful prints – test prints or otherwise.
[Img] Printer and Discov3ry integrated together


Hi Laird,

We’ve only been able to use the Ultimaker 2 with the DIscov3ry on extruder 1, not extruder 2. We haven’t tried any firmware update to see if we can use both extruders.

To avoid loading firmware each time, you can just pass in a g-code command to set the temperature for that session.

There is a doc that has most of these details, as well as the wiring diagram. There should have been a setup guide with your Discov3ry. You can also view it online at http://www.structur3d.io/help/


I’ve got the Discovery and an Ultimaker (Original+) and am about to try to connect the two. A few things I’d like to figure out:

  • Can I configure the firmware/printer so that I can leave the extruder attached (as T0) and add the Discov3ry attached (as T1)? Ideally I’d have a minimum temp for using T0 but no minimum temp for T1, and each with their own “steps per mm”. What I want to avoid is having to reload firmware every time I switch between extrusion and Discov3ry. Ideally I could just have different slicing profiles for paste vs plastic. :smile:
  • Which line goes to which on the controller? I’ve wired up many stepper motors, but I’m not sure which wire is which line coming out of the Discov3ry. Is there a doc somewhere that I’ve overlooked?

Here is a good, visual troubleshooting guide for the Ultimaker. Many of the same principles apply when using the Ultimaker with the Discov3ry.


HI i’m about to connect my unit to the Ultimaker Orginal… (The version without the heated bed.) Was looking at your post intergration to an Ultimaker 2 which was quite detailed., Ultimaker 2 + Discov3ry Integration Wiki & Discussion Thread

What do you recommend i change in my gcode for my cura slicer to enable to to start printing?

Hi @Xyzworkshop,
The most important things to add to the start gcode are the M302 and M92 Exxx commands. Explained in more details for the Ultimaker 2 here. In fact these instructions for the gcode are a good starting point for you.

I am not sure of the ideal value of xxx for the Original UM, I would try 1000, 5000, 10000, sequentially.

Other things to modify are the print speed, layer heights, and possibly the extrusion multiplier (or filament diameter) for adjusting flow rate.