Suggestion or question regarding cold/hot printing

After I entered the reddit contest I couldn’t stop thinking about printing with chocolate and icecream.
To do that it would obviously need to be cold so the icecream wouldn’t just melt, but if the chocolate was cold it wouldn’t extrude. So the obvious solution to me was to heat the chocolate in the enclosure and insulate the tubing.

This would have many other uses as most pastes viscosity are much more temperature related and would affect print quality in the same manner as a hotend with plastic.

Now I’m pretty sure its too late in production to add this feature and would probably cost a bit more adding a pid controller, heating/cooling elements and perhaps water cooled/heated insulated sleeve for the tubing, but there is no reason you couldn’t add this as an upgrade or separate add-on.

Sorry about the delays with enclosures and hope the new process goes much better for you.
I’ve been working on a product for the better part of a year now, and though about going the kickstarter/crowd funded route. but its still a while off and want to keep in mostly inhouse. I don’t have any specific questions about the process but i’ve been having a hard time staying motivated.
Really enjoying the weekly updates! and waiting for my Discov3ry, delays are better than an inferior product anyday!

was just thinking about this a bit more, and i know it might be more of niche thing as most printers are open air, but i will be printing in a chamber so its more suited for that. still I will be exploring this more and hope you find it somewhat useful.