Rod end slot too small for syringe

I just received my extruder today, and am very excited to try it out!

However, when I try to fit a syringe into the rod end, the slot for the syringe is too narrow by about 1mm on each side. I can only fit the syringe about halfway onto the rod end. Is this expected? Should I use a drill or similar tool to make the slot larger?

Is there a photo or video showing how the syringe is supposed to be loaded? Perhaps I’m imagining the process incorrectly.

Thank you!

Hi Brent,

The syringe should fit right in easily. Here is a picture from our website of how it should look,

If this matches how you are doing it, and it still doesn’t fit, can you send us some photos?


Thanks for the quick reply! That does match how I’m doing it, I think.

Since I can’t upload images as a new user, I’ve posted a gallery here:

Please let me know if you can’t see the images. Thanks!

O.k., now that I see the images, I better understand your question.

The syringe should fit fine. We actually test extrusion on each and every unit we ship, so we’ve gotten a syringe into that very same gripper. It’s designed to have a little bit of a grip on the syringe plunger.

Have you tried giving the plunger a bit of a wiggle and a litter pressure to get it to slide in?

OK, by putting a lot of pressure on the syringe I was able to force a syringe in and out. I’m surprised at the amount of force needed to get it in; my fingers hurt! But I’ve got it in now, so next step is to hook it up and see what happens. Thanks for the help!