[Rigidbot] Compatibility with other 3d printers

I’ve recently backed the kickstarter for the RigidBot 3D printer. I’m not “technical” enough to understand how compatible Discov3ry is going to be with it.

From their kickstarter:

“We are using Sanguinololu 1.3a electronics with a ATMEGA1284. The four axes (x, y, z and extruder) are powered by Pololu stepper drivers. We are using a custom designed hot end with standard nema17 1.8degree stepper motors.”


“The Rigidbot uses open source software and firmware with a few minor modifications. The firmware is called Marlin. The software we use to control the printer is called Pronterface. A link to download these programs as well as the recommended settings will be available on our website.”

Can someone tell me if the conversion process will be as simple (or nearly as simple) as in your demonstration with the Felix?

Hey there,
Thanks for doing that research for us!

On first glance it looks to me like the process will be basically the same as the one we shared with you.

The Sanguinolulu is a reprap clone.
We also use Pololu steppers, and the Marlin firmware is fine.

If I’m off on anything here, @fink will set me straight.

@k012957 yep, it checks out. The process will be very similar.

Yes, the Discov3ry will work with the Sanguinololu 1.3a electronics with Marlin firmware. @john is correct in saying the installation is quite similar to the update we posted with the Felix.