Reddit Contest (Oct 17th - Nov 7th)

We will be hosting the Reddit r/3DPrinting contest for October 17th to Nov 7th.

Please post your designs here with a link to your Reddit submission.

Happy Making!

This is taken direct from the reddit post so pics might not work.
its here tho
should probably spent more time on it, but busy stays busy.

My design for this contest started out because I want to print a cannoli once i possess two of these so called “Paste” extruders.

While i was making it in sketchup it kinda just turned in to a simple mess and how i would like my delicious snacks to look.

It is composed of two files for dual extrudering paste’s as its a shell/fill design in the nature of a cannoli. It also dawned on me while printing this that instead of the cannoli dough and filling it would probably be better printed with different materials such as chocolate and icecream. It also more resembles an Icecream sandwitch. Printed at .4mm on a .6mm nozzle with abs(blue) and hips(white)

Anyways here it is,files here, +






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I’ve been thinking of awesome things that can be done with a paste extruder and what kind of materials that can be used, and the best idea that came to my mind was the reproduction of Moroccan carved plaster! As a Moroccan living in Canada, I thought that bridging the gap between the traditional and modern worlds was a great challenge to bring to our 3d printers.

A little bit of background first: In Morocco, there are many plaster craftsmen and a lot of people use carved plaster in their homes, a lot of times it will be a frame around the ceiling, or arcs, but some will have beautiful works of art as part of their homes. Here are a couple of resources about plaster carving (make sure to click on the images in the links to see them in full beauty) :

You can also google “Moroccan carved plaster” and see more beautiful images, such as this one : / or /

I think mixing the traditional with the modern is a great idea, so I decided to submit to this contest a 3D design for a Moroccan carved plaster column so it can be printed with the Discov3ry using either Plaster (if possible) or spackling paste (drywall).
You will find the required files here :

Step 1 : Find an appropriate plaster design. I decided to use this one : /
Step 2 : Use the Perspective tool in Gimp to make it rectangular/perpendicular and crop the portion you want to print : /
Step 3 : auto-white-balance, auto-color adjustment, and a little modification to ‘close off’ the column : /
Step 4 : Download Litophanes 3D tool (I used / which works fine (just need to set language to English), there are other tools available but they don’t seem to do the trick for this kind of task), and load the image into it.
Step 5 : Set to Negative and Binarize to 175 then create STL with the size you want.
Step 6 : Print and replace all your walls and ceilings with carved plaster! :stuck_out_tongue:

I created two STL files, the first one plaster_50mm.stl was generated with a size of 50x70mm and a 3mm Z height and a base of 1mm. It should use about 14ml for a cube of that size.

The second one, plaster_100mm.stl was generated with a size of 100x140mm and a 5mm Z height and a base of 1mm. It should use 84ml for a cube of that size, so it may not work with the 60ml syringes (it could work since the ‘cube’ isn’t full).

Unfortunately, I cannot test my creation, and I don’t even want to try printing it in plastic as it wouldn’t make any sense as this needs to have the plaster look & feel to it. I hope to be in the top 5 so I can see the result printed by Structur3d.

Thank you.

I’m reposting here my submission to the contest on reddit :

I think one awesome advantage of paste extruders, other than the usual nutella idea is to finally be able to make repraps true repraps by making 3d printed circuit boards. The Gen7 electronics are meant to help achieve that purpose by creating PCB designs for the reprap electronics that can be etched using a reprap+dremel setup (See

However, I don’t think that etching a copper board is the right way to do it if we can simply 3d print the PCBs! I’ve looked at Structur3d forums and saw some great ideas on using metal clay and conductive paint and I also found this wire glue which could work :

I don’t know how printable that is, but if we can use a dual extruder setup to print the PCB in ABS and the traces and vias using a conductive material such as the wire glue, conductive paint ( or even copper clay (although we wouldn’t be able to fire the clay, so conductivity of the ‘wet’ clay needs to be tested first), then we could 3d print the PCBs and give a much easier access to custom PCB printing than what we currently have and it could revolutionize the replicating 3d printers.

I’ve decided to start small and port only the opto-endstop design of the gen7 electronics (, I used the pcb file from github to get correct measurements of the vias/holes/traces on the PCB and recreated it in scad format with dual extrusion in mind.

I’ve published the files for this design to thingiverse :
The source file in scad format is available as well as a pre-generated stl for the board and one for the conductive material (I’ve never had a dual extruder, so I’m not sure how it works, but I’ve read that you need one stl file for each extruder).

I hope this can be printed and works! Let me know what you think.

kakaroto i love this idea, just want to point out one thing.
To do this you need to calibrate both the plastic and paste extruders separately, as they will have different settings im sure… still don’t know how calibrating works on the discov3ry but the point is they need to be different, problem is most dual extruder setups are made for identical extruders. it is possible in repetier firmware though (just looked through my delta firmware) but not marlin. so this isn’t a problem… also put an idea on this post about this type of printing.
this will be the next big step in the reprap project since it makes the most sense.

Thanks cor5151 for the support! I hadn’t thought of the issue of dual extruders needing to use similar extruders, as I’ve never had a dual extruder setup. I’m sure though that the plastic could be replaced by something that can be printed with the Discov3ry, maybe something like the 5-minute epoxy glue (resin) which I saw someone suggest as a material (don’t know if it’s possible currently with discov3ry), but there might be different materials too that would make a good fit for a PCB while being in ‘paste’ form until extruded then they solidify.
This way, you wouldn’t need a hotend and could print the PCB entirely with a Discov3ry dual extruder.
But I like the idea of being able to dual extrude between discov3ry and normal thermoplastics. If you have a working design/firmware, let me know!

I’m really interested in the applications of ceramic slurry with a paste
extruder, even with a second step in a kiln required. I designed a
comparable part to mass produced ceramic heater cores as my submission.
If I win, my group would use it to explore this concept more with an
open project like a hairdryer or something else that would couple well
with a plastic printed aspect.
The file is meant to be printed twice and used back to back to form a
complete heater core… just add coil and hardware.

I have a slimmed down version as well, but having more material around
the mount/terminal/through holes than a commercial unit may be needed in
early prototyping.

kakatoto, sorry about the misleading post… It is completely possible to dual extruder with paste and plastic. although the only firmware i know that could support it right now is repetier firmware (which is awesome). not sure how makerbot’s and some others are but i’ve only used/looked at the open ones. also i’m sure you could add the feature relatively easy to marlin as well.
My poiint was it just could have complications on some printers.
although 2 pastes would be ideal, everyone with a printer already has a hotend, and most boards are compatible with 2 extruders, this is great because most people buying the discov3ry will have instantly have the option to print the circuit you posted.

cor5151, Don’t worry, it wasn’t misleading, I understood that Repetier firmware supports it, but you raised the issue of having different extruders which add a challenge to the user in terms of configuration/calibration/firmware limitations/etc… especially in terms of Z-height calibration if the two extruders aren’t the same, it might be difficult to adjust them to be precisely leveled to one another.
While it would work with repetier and a lot of calibration/configuration of the setup, I think having the possibility of printing the ‘plastic part’ using a different material (like resin) using a second discov3ry would be even easier/better.
On the other hand, like you said, people buying one discov3ry being able to print a PCB using their existing hotend+plastic would be awesome.
The cool thing/advantage to using discov3ry to print a PCB (if it works) is that you could even be able to do double-sided or a multi-layered PCB with circuitry in the middle of the print, which is something you can’t really do with etched copper like they use for gen7 electronics.

that’s what learnings for, its the fun part… now with 3 extruder’s, 1 plasic 2x paste one conductive material you listed and some kind metal oxide paste you could print most of a crude reprap board with integrated resistors/transistors/ect…
would require lots of time and trial to get it right, its going to happen in some form.
i’m too lazy for all that though, would much rather print icecream.

Some amazing entries everyone! Thank you all!

Hi everybody! Awesome contest thanks to ubermaisters for pointing me here from reddit.

My entry for this contest is my halloween 3D printed recipe.
Hipster skull pumpkin purée moustache

Here thingiverse file.
I can not post more than two links because i am a new user, but if your search on youtube for “hipster skull moustache pumpkin” printing video is available.

Would be awesome to get my hands into one Discov3ry paste extruder!
Good luck everybody!