Problem with extrusion of nutella

I just bought discovery complete, with Ultimaker 2+ and I am trying to print the Nutella bat whose gcode comes with the sd card. I have purged the Nutella all the way till the printing tip, but during printing, Nutella is not extruded and the print head just moves empty.
Any help is appreciated.

Hi Sahar,

Just adding in the response I sent you via email to help other users who see this. You have to “prime” the nozzle before printing. This means you have to advance the material through the tubing (use the Discov3ry for this, it’s easier than by hand), and keep the material movement going until it exits the nozzle. Once it starts exiting the nozzle, keep advancing the material another 2-3 minutes. This will build up a steady state of pressure for consistent material flow. At this point, you are ready to begin your print.

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2-3 minutes seems like a lot of material going to waste. It goes for all kinds of materials or just Nutella? Why?

The Discov3ry works by building up pressure to get the material flow going. If you cut off the material flow the minute the material begins to exit the nozzle, the flow rate won’t be ideal. By continuing the flow for an additional 2-3 minutes, you build up enough extra pressure so you have a more ideal flow rate at the beginning of your print. The flow% in Cura (or other slicer software) then takes care of the incremental pressure increases to keep it going. The material wasted at the beginning only amounts to maybe 1 cc max.

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Ok, thanks :relaxed: