Printing with Jello

by @3DigitalCooks

That looks really good. You were starting to get some decent height, so I’m curious what the setup was?

For some of my random projects I’ve used double or triple strength gelatin (stiffer), though they weren’t for eating. I could also see having an enclosed print space, but using cooling to help firm up the gelatin as it comes out of the nozzle. Perhaps just dropping some dry ice around the print space to provide that cooler air…



Care to chime in on the settings used for Jello? What went well, what didn’t?

Thanks Luis, Hope all is good!

Sure! sorry for the late reply.
It was plain jello. It was already in jelly shape, not the powder one. I smash it first using a fork. I was using a design app at 3digitalcooks to test it (Curv3s). It is a simple app to do curvy designs 2.5D, just following lines, no inflills or other options. The app is old and has no saving settings button :frowning: So I dont have the settings for it or a screen capture. Sorry for it. But for a regular slicer would be a low speed maybe 10 to 20mm/s and probably some extrusion multipler value between 1.3 to 1.8.

Jelly is fun to work with, obviously the consistency does not allow to go much higher. Without melting and cooling, and that is a completely different story.

Hope that works!