Printing Plastic (PLA) and Extruded Material

Hopefully someone here can help us…

We have an Ultimaker 2+ that we have been using with success to print PLA and ABS from Cura 2.3 and the latest firmware that was available at the time. Recently we purchased a structur3d Discov3ry extruder, and as part of that installation we had to downgrade to Cura 15 and install a custom firwmare from April of 2016.

This has allowed us to print with the extruder, but unfortunately the older firmware is not stable in temperature control and we are getting consistent temp errors and filament extruder issues. Ultimaker says newer firmware will fix this, and Structur3d says we need older firmware to use the Discov3ry.

Can someone let me know what settings they use to print PLA, using the April 2016 firmware and Cura 15?

You still having issues?

Why did you feel you had to downgrade firmware and Cura?

Yes, the issue is still present. We were told by Structur3D that Cura 15.x was better for working with the Discov3ry because it allowed more control over some parameters that the newer Cura 2.x doesn’t.

Also, the default firmware for the Ultimaker 2+ does not support two print heads, so custom firmware was required to use the Discov3ry. So at this time I understand there is no way to use Cura 2.x and the latest Ultimaker firmware.

I have been in contact with Structur3D and they are working on getting a new firmware from Ultimaker that enables the second print head on the Ultimaker 2+. If we can get that, we can create the gcode to make things work. Our application is specialized and creating the gcode with the help of Excel (or even by hand) is possible.

We had to make customizations to the firmware to offer better integration with the Discov3ry. We are currently talking with Ultimaker about this issue, so we expect to have a firmware update in the coming weeks.

As for the version of Cura, 15.04.6 offers access to more parameters that are helpful for paste printing compared to the newer versions. Ultimaker has confirmed this for us, but certainly we will be working with Ultimaker to bring these parameters (and maybe more optimizations!) to later versions of Cura for paste printing.

Sounds good about the communication with Ultimaker. They are usually happy to help with such issues.

You might profit from taking a look at the updated firmware E3D made for the Ultimaker, to make it fit their Titan extruder and E3D hotend. I’m using it now, as I have a Titan on my UM2+, Using normal Olsson’s block though.

I must say I don’t understand the missing parameters in Cura 2.x compared to 15.05.6.
If you add the printer as a Custom printer, there are way more parameters avaailable in Cura 2.4 and 2.5 (Beta) than 15.05.6

Which parameters were you specifically missing in the new version?
I would even go so far as to say that 2.x is a far better match for the paste extrudre than the old 15.x version, as you can independently controll first layer printing and movement speed apart from the general speeds. All sorts of parameters are now split into a multitude of sub-parameters offering way more optimizations options than before.

Aside from my UM2+ I also have an UM2 mechanical clone, but with E3D hotend and using Duet WiFi as controller now, so I have used Cura a lot with different machines. (also had arduino+marlin and later MKS Sbase with smoothieware on the “clone”, and used Cura with all of the iterations,)

I haven’t yet dug into this deeper with Ultimaker, so I’m going on conversations with their expert tech support team. We definitely want to improve the Cura experience. We just have to balance this out with other initiatives we are working on.

Sure, can understand that.

I’m currently working on my BeTrue3D Printer project, which includes writing a lot of instructables for various products, and was just invited to competition on Instructables, which I just have to participate in, using my just mentioned project…

What I am trying to say, in my convoluted way, is that I’ll be writing some instructables about how to use this paste-beast once I find time for it :slight_smile:

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