Printing Nutella

Here’s a video of our product printing Nutella during our visit to the Maker Faire.

It worked really well for printing and the crowd really ate it up (figuratively that is).

What would you print with Nutella?


Hi John,

I would like to know more about chocolate printer with your product discov3ry extruder .

1.Can i printer Multi colour chocolate or combination of Dark and white chocolate(Multiple extruder)?
2.Can i print pasta with discov3ry extruder ?

Please give some more detail information about it.


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Hi @nehalp,

Very sorry for the late response!

  1. You would need two discov3ry’s to do this, but the operation would be identical to any other multiple extruder printing.
  2. We have not tried this, but I’m pretty sure we could handle it. Can you point me to a recipe for the paste we’d need to use?

Hi john

Thanks for reply.

1.Which desktop 3D printer give best result (Most compatible)with your product and specifically for chocolate printing ?

2.What will be commercial price of your product if i buy two?



Hi Nehalp,

Do you already have a printer, or are you in the market for one to integrate with our extruder?

As long as the printer you are using is compatible with the Discov3ry paste extruder, the quality of the prints will be more affected by the quality of the printer itself.

Therefore, a printer that prints better plastic prints will most likely print better paste (and chocolate) prints.

As for the question of compatibility, you can evaluate different printers by asking the following questions of the manufacturer, or reviewing their technical specifications if available.

  1. Are your electronics based off the RAMPs architecture? Are they accessible?
  2. Does your printer work with open-sourced software?
  3. Are you nema17 stepper motor based?
  4. Do you have dual extrusion capabilities with a second motor driver? (This is optional, but nice to have).

There is no discount for purchasing two units, though if you are outside Canada, you will only need to pay the shipping once, saving you $25.

Very happy to answer any more questions you might have.

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