Printing in Chocolate


I’ve just recently received my Discov3ry printer, which looks awesome.

Just wondering if it can print in chocolate or if anyone has tried this?

Hello @JarenF! Welcome to the forum.

We have not yet tried chocolate, as we are busy building all the Discov3ry units. But it is a material that is on our Wish List.

As the Discov3ry does not have active heating, some other method to keep the chocolate molten would be required.

This could include preheating the chocolate. RichRap has done some research using this method:

The fellows at @3DigitalCooks have also done some printing with Wilton Candy Melts which is quite interesting:

We would love to see any results you get!

Chocolate is cool! kinda the holy grail of 3DFP. But tends to be hard at some point specially if you want to do 3d shapes.
The people at the Smart Lab Gastronomy has been doing really cool prints, they might be helpful, using a heating/cooling system though.
But no matter what is just about experimenting! At the end if does not great is still edible :wink: