Please introduce yourself here!

Welcome to the Structur3D Printing forum. Please take a second to introduce yourself here, and read a little more about the fellow community members.

We would love if you would include any/all of the following info:

  1. Name
  2. Country
  3. Interest/background in 3D printing
  4. What 3D printer do you own? (or wish to own)

I will start it off.

  1. My name is Andrew Finkle, co-founder at Structur3D Printing.
  2. I currently work and play in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
  3. I did some work in polymer filaments for 3D printing during my PhD. I have also built a Prusa Mendel i2.
  4. Makerbot 2X and Prusa Mendel i2 (We also have a Felix 3.0 and an OMNI Pi around the Structur3D Lab)

I look forward to meeting you all!

  1. My name is Gary Schwartz
  2. USA … Michigan in summer, Arizona in winter
  3. I’m a retired Mechanical/Automotive engineer. I’ve built MakerGear Prusa Mendel and M2 kits. Being involved in 3D technology is my passion.
  4. My M2 travels with us in our annual migrations. The Prusa is being mothballed for my now 18 year old grandson to show off in 10-20 years.

This morning I first saw videos on the 3dison being made in Korea. Very impressive claims; unable to find price.

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  1. Or Cohen
  2. Israel
  3. Software developer (Mamram Grad.) and an Industrial Design student.
    I print models for friends, and for myself, and also involved in some small projects involving Arduino
    Currently employed as a C# developer in a medical project for breast cancer identification in mid surgery (using a CNC inspection machine)
  4. MakerBot Replicator 2 with a heated bed (and soon, dual extruder)
    RepRap Orca (not functional, yet)
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3.3d sculptor/modeler.(zbrush,rhino3d) and designer. developing 3dcontent for 3d printer
4.Replicator 1dual extruder(first generation plywood kind)

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Irene Healey in Toronto, Canada. I am a sculptor and medical artist and I design and manufacture different types of body prostheses. I have been investigating and testing different imaging and 3D printing technologies to integrate them into my design and manufacturing processes. I think the 3D printer I would like to own hasn’t been developed yet. :slight_smile:

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  1. My name is Ira
  2. I am in the USA
  3. I’ve wanted a 3d printer for a long time, and
  4. Recently backed the RigidBot on Kickstarter
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Hello @Lateralg @orc886 @ivezsy and @k012957
Welcome to the Structur3D forum!

Let me know if you need any help navigating around.


  1. Laird Popkin
  2. US
  3. Love 3D modeling, programming and printing, Arduino and Pi. And I’m working on 3D printing prosthetics (
  4. Own: Replicator (original, dual extruder), TwoUp. Waiting for: Micro3D, Peachy, RotoMAAK. Tempted by FlashForce Creator Pro, DeltaMaker. Also interested in very large format printing, but I think I’ll have to design that one.
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My name is Larry Ciscon. I’m a technologist engineer from Houston TX interested in a wide variety of fields. I’ve been experimenting with using 3D printing as an engineering design tool, and I’m currently building a prototype of an omnidirectional robot using it. I’m very interested in experimenting with 3D printing circuit boards and ceramic sculptures among other things. I currently own a 3DBotz large format 3D printer and I’m soon to take delivery of a Isis3D dual extruder printer.

You can find out more information about my projects and experiences with 3D printers on my blog:

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Charles Mire here.

  1. co-founder of Structur3D Printing
  2. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  3. studied 3D printing for my PhD in chemistry (2011), for which I built a custom extrusion printer system based on a Sherline CNC tabletop milling machine (this was 2008, before the 3D printing market really started to take off).
  4. Felix 3.0 at the Structur3D Lab, Airwolf3D printers look interesting.

Glad to meet everyone on the forum!

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I am Marcel Valcarce.

  1. I am a partner in a small animation studio, 3D animator and instructor.
  2. Los Angeles, CA
  3. Been peripherally interested in 3D printing for a long time due to my 3D modeling skills, but could never afford pro gear. Two years ago I built a v1 printrbot plastic rep-rap from a kit. I love it, but cannot print consistent mechanical parts or precise items.
  4. Just backed the Ord Solutions RoVa3D Kickstarter project for their updated 5 extruder printer. My plan is to convert the printrbot to a dedicated paste extruder which I think it will be great at due to lower accuracy requirements.
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Awesome Marcel, we’re happy to have you as part of our community!

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Hi, I’m Meaghan.

1 & 2. I work in gov’t, living between Vancouver, Ottawa and Hamilton.
3. John Biehler, a friend of mine in Vancouver got me into 3d printing several years ago. Had a lot of fun on my own previous to that with Arduino and Pi as well.
Right now working/thinking a lot about portable scanner design and testing different filaments as we work to improve the AFO devices a couple of my friends need to wear (but hate, because they are uncomfortable). Also interested in making some high temp kiln furniture for scientific purposes and upping my involvement with the e-Nableing The Future project.
4. Own/have built: SeeMeCNC Rostock (current favourite), an early ORD (just backed the RoVa3D, same as Marcel), couple of RepRaps and a mUVe (DLP printer). Have heard many great things about the Felix printers, but haven’t yet played with one.

Very pleased to “meet” everyone!

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Welcome, Meaghan! I’ve read pretty good things about SeeMeCNC printers, and your note makes me want one even more. :smile:

We recently chatted with some members of E-Nable, and love their cause and enthusiasm.

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  1. Cory Daniel
  2. USA
  3. Started getting interested in printers to prototype a design I was working on. 3mo’s as a printer owner, built 3 printers in that time, Learning has been the best part and something I hope to keep sharing.
  4. Printrbot Simple 2014XL, OB1.4XL custom with dual extruders, Printrbot Maker’s Edition.

Grats on getting funded guys!

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Welcome, Cory! We are planning to get a Printrbot soon, too, and I’m sure we’ll be able to trade notes on that.

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Wow @cor5151, 3 printers in 3 months, it’s clear that you’ve gone all in, so it’s great to have you here.

I look forward to seeing what cool uses you put your Discov3ry extruder to!


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Thanks john,
I use to work in the food industry, mainly as a pastry chef/baker so that’s what really caught my attention about the Discov3ry, And I love Canada!

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  1. My name is Hyeji-Lee.
  2. I live in south Korea. (Deagu)
  3. I graduated College(bachelor of engineering) last year and started getting interested in 3D printer.
  4. mendel prusa i3
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