OB1.4 OpenBeam + Discov3ry Integration Wiki & Discussion Thread

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[Img] Where to access the electronics board containing the extruder motor driver(s).
Connector, cable, or wiring steps necessary for integration to electronics board.
Wiring schematic. What are the matching colour wiring pairs for the Discov3ry stepper motor compared to your printer? (Black, Green, Blue, Red pair with what?
[Img] The exact location of the connection for the extruder motor driver.
Please note all extra steps for wiring here if the integration for your 3D printer is more involved.

Describe any firmware changes necessary for the integration process. This could include settings like disabling the cold extrusion code, adjusting the EEPROM settings for the Discov3ry (typically ~10-100x default settings), hard coding XYZ offsets for a new nozzle, etc.

[Img] The mounting system you have utilized (link to .stl file if applicable)
Other hardware needed in the mounting process (Links to McMasterCarr are golden)
[Img] How to install the mount on the 3D printer (Include Tools required)
[Img] How to attach Discov3ry tip to the mount. (Is it adjustable? Any other special features that should be known?)

What are the ideal slicer parameters that you have found for a specific material? Layer height, speed, infill, etc. Please share a configuration file that you have successfully utilized, preferably using the slicer that is applicable to your 3D printer.

[Img Gallery] Successful prints – test prints or otherwise.
[Img] Printer and Discov3ry integrated together


So i’m really excited to receive my paste extruder.
upgraded to a rumba board for triple extruding and figured i’d get ready for it and add a place for it on my x carriage.
link here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:357821
the hole is oversized intentionally because i hope to servo mount the nozzle. im curious about how the mounting fixture will be for it. I have some cheap paste tubes and nozzles that look similar to the ones i’ve seen on the discov3ry and am working around that.

Also hope to purchase another discov3ry in the future for dual extruding pastes, but don’t have the funds to pre-order it now. really want to print a cannoli though :slight_smile:

anyways figured i’d put a post in here and hope to share idea’s and early stuff once it comes.
looking forward to it

Thanks, Cory! The carriage design looks like a great template for connecting the tube end of the Discov3ry. We are working hard on the manufacturing, and look forward to shipping your Discov3ry to you.Your cannoli idea sounds intriguing and yummy! :smile: