New Discov3ry Upgrades Launch Today - Technical Details

New Motor
The Discov3ry extruder now uses a stepper motor with a 51:1 planetary gear ratio. This is a decrease from the previous gear ratio of 100:1.

What this means
Any Discov3ry shipped after today will include the 51:1 geared stepper motor.
The new Discov3ry motor will need to operate at about 51% of the speed (RPM) of the previous motor to get the equivalent output flow rate. This will put less stress load on the stepper drivers when operating at higher flow rate or higher viscosity pastes.
If you are referring to the EEPROM steps/mm values for the Discov3ry from our forum or other resources, note that with the new 51:1 geared motor you will now use 51% of the previous 100:1 geared motor value.

For example, On my Ultimaker 2 I used an M92 E10000 EEROM setting using the 100:1 Discov3ry. I would now reduce this code to M92 E5100.

Please post any questions below and I would be glad to clarify.

good choice cutting the gear ratio in half, think I said it was overkill at 100:1, prob speeds up retract to a usable speed.

Yes, the speeds we are getting in the lab on the Ultimaker 2 Go are pretty awesome.
Thanks for the feedback early on, definitely considered as we make continuous improvements!

Are you making a kit for “old” models to convert to the new gearing?