Makerbot Replicator 2X + Discov3ry Integration Wiki & Discussion Thread

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[Img] Where to access the electronics board containing the extruder motor driver(s).
Connector, cable, or wiring steps necessary for integration to electronics board.
Wiring schematic. What are the matching colour wiring pairs for the Discov3ry stepper motor compared to your printer? (Black, Green, Blue, Red pair with what?
[Img] The exact location of the connection for the extruder motor driver.
Please note all extra steps for wiring here if the integration for your 3D printer is more involved.

Describe any firmware changes necessary for the integration process. This could include settings like disabling the cold extrusion code, adjusting the EEPROM settings for the Discov3ry (typically ~10-100x default settings), hard coding XYZ offsets for a new nozzle, etc.

[Img] The mounting system you have utilized (link to .stl file if applicable)
Other hardware needed in the mounting process (Links to McMasterCarr are golden)
[Img] How to install the mount on the 3D printer (Include Tools required)
[Img] How to attach Discov3ry tip to the mount. (Is it adjustable? Any other special features that should be known?)

What are the ideal slicer parameters that you have found for a specific material? Layer height, speed, infill, etc. Please share a configuration file that you have successfully utilized, preferably using the slicer that is applicable to your 3D printer.

[Img Gallery] Successful prints – test prints or otherwise.
[Img] Printer and Discov3ry integrated together


I’ve recently been able to get one of the Discov3ry extruders, and I’m
wondering if there’s any advice on connecting the extruder to a
Makerbot Replicator 2X. In particular, I’m wondering if there is any
advice on connecting the wiring onto the Makerbot, as well as updating
the firmware. I’ve seen the video on connecting the extruder to a
Felix 3.0 printer, but the Makerbot connection looks to be more
difficult. It doesn’t look like I can unscrew the wiring to the motor
just like in the video. Here is a picture of the Makerbot board I am
using, the RevH model:

I’m thinking that the pins to Extruder_A and Extruder_B are the likely ones
to work with, but I’m not exactly sure. Even then, the Extruder_A/B has
8 pins attached to the board while the Discov3ry has 4 wires for 4
pins, I think.

Another problem that I have to consider is
updating the firmware. Do you guys recommend using Repetier’s generic
printer firmware for the Replicator 2X?

Thanks for any of the help.

Here are the details for correlating the wires for the Discvo3ry with the MakerBot Replicator 2X stepper motor driver:

On our own Makerbot 2x Mightyboard:
Pin 1: B- (2B)
Pin 2: B (1B)
Pin 3: A (1A)
Pin 4: A- (2A)

So the Discov3ry stepper motors should attach as below to the Extruder A output:
Pin 1: Bk
Pin 2: G
Pin 3: R
Pin 4: B

MakerBot recently updated their firmware to allow access to more of the printing parameters. Maybe it is worth trying this first. ReplicatorG also works. We haven’t tried the generic Repetier firmware with the MakerBot Replicator 2X.

Alright so I’ve attached the wires between the Makerbot and the Discov3ry. I’ve been able to get through the firmware issues, but my problem now is with the motor. I’ve taken the motor apart and started a 3D print. When the Makerbot is printing, the motor on the Discov3ry turns clockwise, then turns counterclockwise in very small steps (back and forth motion). The gear under the motor doesn’t turn, or turns very little. I’m asking whether this is an issue with the wiring, with the motor, or maybe something else that you guys have encountered?


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I’m also working on putting this into a Replicator 2X. I’ve replaced the print bed, arms, and now the firmware (sailfish). I’ve found the nozzle fits nicely in the clamp for holding the hot end. At the moment, I’m trying to tune it by using manual control on the ReplicatorG software.

I’ve found (so far…) that I have to raise the RPM and steps/mm on the extruder to have the rod rotate visibly. I hooked up the plunger mount with the allen key, and the rod no longer seems to move in any way (though the stepper continues to turn). Thinking altering the speed may shed light on what is going on, I bumped the RMP & steps/mm again. I then noticed the direction changing behavior you’re mentioning.

At this point I’m at a loss as to what’s going on. Thoughts from anyone?

Any update on the circuit you used? You mentioned posting it…


@DocMooney I appologize for the delay, I just learned about Fritzing, and wanted to draw some nice schematics. But time got away from me. Wiki updated above with @Malcolm’s freehand drawings and a photo of our set up.

We have a Makerbot Replicator 2x and have hooked up the 8825 driver board per Andrew’s diagram and the photo of the driver board hookup. The motor turns in the right direction and seems normal other than it’s really slow and movement in the large syringe gear is almost unnoticeable. We have all the Replicator speed setting at maximum and it still remains slow. Any suggestions?

In Makerware, adjust the filament to about 0.1mm. This will trick the system into pushing more in a shorter time.

You may need to edit this value in the text file as it will be outside of the suggested values for makerware. Let me know how this goes.

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