Makerbot Replicator 1 Dual + Discov3ry Integration Wiki & Discussion Thread

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[Img] Where to access the electronics board containing the extruder motor driver(s).
Connector, cable, or wiring steps necessary for integration to electronics board.
Wiring schematic. What are the matching colour wiring pairs for the Discov3ry stepper motor compared to your printer? (Black, Green, Blue, Red pair with what?
[Img] The exact location of the connection for the extruder motor driver.
Please note all extra steps for wiring here if the integration for your 3D printer is more involved.

Describe any firmware changes necessary for the integration process. This could include settings like disabling the cold extrusion code, adjusting the EEPROM settings for the Discov3ry (typically ~10-100x default settings), hard coding XYZ offsets for a new nozzle, etc.

[Img] The mounting system you have utilized (link to .stl file if applicable)
Other hardware needed in the mounting process (Links to McMasterCarr are golden)
[Img] How to install the mount on the 3D printer (Include Tools required)
[Img] How to attach Discov3ry tip to the mount. (Is it adjustable? Any other special features that should be known?)

What are the ideal slicer parameters that you have found for a specific material? Layer height, speed, infill, etc. Please share a configuration file that you have successfully utilized, preferably using the slicer that is applicable to your 3D printer.

[Img Gallery] Successful prints – test prints or otherwise.
[Img] Printer and Discov3ry integrated together



I just received my DiscoveryPaste Extruder, and was wondering if anyone has tried connecting it to Makerbot Replicator 1 (dual) original ?

I will try to attempt this over the weekend. Any help is appreciated.



I am able to wire itup, But not sure how to test if the wiring is correct or make the motor spin?

I have MakerBot Desktop software and Simply3D as well.

Thank you

Hi Sha, to test the Discov3ry, just use the printer software and manually extrude. You do not need a cartridge for this initial test. You should hear the stepper motor turn. If you wanted to see it as well, just remove the cover. The large gear will turn slowly and advance the lead screw. When you are actually printing, you won’t really be able to see the lead screw advancing, because it moves slowly (it’s supposed to do this). But you will see the paste material moving through the tubing, so you will know it’s working.

If there is anything wrong with the wiring, you will either just hear a noise from the motor, or the lead screw will go the wrong way as you extrude. The noise symptom will indicate you have the power wired wrong, and the extrusion the wrong way will indicate you have the direction wired wrong. Simply switch the appropriate wires and it should work from there.


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Makerbot isn’t too helpful with their info, unfortunately. I switched to sailfish firmware, and it seems easier to adjust settings. On the other hand, I’m not having massive success, either.

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Thank you for the help. I tried playing with the wires for E1. So far when I extrude I hear a clicking sound from the motor. The color of the wires that came with paste extruder are different than wires for my E1. They are Red, Yellow, Grey and Green. I do not see any combination in the chart that came with paste extruder.

Any ideas?

very similar to this.

Hi Sha,

It seems maybe one of the wires is not firmly connected. As long as you have the Discov3ry wires connected as proper pairs to your board, it should work. So the Discov3ry wire pairs are black+green and red+blue. To toggle the direction of rotation, you simply toggle within the pairs. To correlate with the picture, the black+green on the Discov3ry can go with the green+gray on your board; and the blue+red on the Discov3ry can go with red+yellow on your board.


It worked. Now the mirror moves clockwise. But very very slow. I did a fake job to feel the motor moving. It moves in very jerky movements.

How and what do I change g code to make it move to the speed so it can pump material?

At this rate after 20 minutes of motor moving syrange did not even move 1ml.

Thank you again for all your help.


To increase the speed, you can try several different things. First, decrease the “size of the filament” in the software – this is a way to “trick” the printer into thinking it has to extrude more for a given print job. Other changes that achieve the same thing are decreasing the nozzle size in the software (not the physical tip size), and increasing the extrude rate. Finally, increasing the EEPROM of the motor increases the number of steps for the motor. Any one of these or a combination of them should increase your extrusion rate.



At this point I am starting to feel inadequate, frustrated and failure. I tried everything possible with my little knowelge of 3d printing but all I get is fast clicking sounds from the motor. No full turn / revolution, just clicking back and forth.

I tried everything you suggested but not luck. Seems like I waited such long period of this product with the hopes to be able to attach it to my printer with ease and start printing. But at the moment, its not true.

I appreciate you are trying to help. But I am not getting any results.

Not sure what to do next?


Does the white big gear in the paste extruder and black long teeth gear suppose to move? They seems to be completely stuck. I am unable to move them manually? The rod in the with the Hex key is movable manually.

Aren’t all part should move if I move the motor ?

The big white gear and the black gear are both supposed to move. If you only hear clicking sounds, it’s possible you have either too much power or too little power going to the motor.

Please don’t feel that you are a failure. Part of the journey of being a Maker is frustration when a project doesn’t work on the first try.

We have a customer who has been able to get this working on the Makerbot Cupcake, so there may be some similarities with the Replicator 1 Dual,

Their project is still a work in progress, but it is coming along, and I’m sure more details will emerge soon.


I appreciate the reply and help. Can you answer this: Should I be able to freely move the large white gear and the black long gear it connects to? if Yes, then there is something wrong with my unit. Those gears are completely stuck, I am unable to move at all connected or not.

How do i control the power, I just took the right extrudar motor wires from my printer and connected them to the paste as per your color code help.

I tried changing the speed, nozzle size, diameters and then some random stuff. Nothing makes the motor or gear move.

I know I am a novice and I appreciate all your help.


At the moment, after many many failed tries, I packed it back and put it away. Given up :frowning:

@ShaAli Thats unfortunate. The big reason for the problems with Makerbots has to do with the underpowered stepper motor drivers. We hope to put together a small Makerbot Upgrade Kit with all the necessary components, until then all I can provide is a list of components and schematic diagram.

Hi ShaAli!
I came through many times at your discussion and it is so sad. I have been in the same situation til some days ago, but we fixed the problem. Thats why I am writing to u. Try another thing if u want. Connect the discovery motor with another mini duet to feed with the right current. Probably, your printer duet is not enough to feed discovery motor. Obviously, you must manually control the discovry via Arduino. It works for me.

I got rid of my Makerbot Replicator and Now own the Flex Delta.

But I have an older CNC machine and I am going to see if I can connect the Dsco3ry that it.