Kossel Mini with Smoothieboard

I am integrating the Discov3ry with my Kossel Mini with Smoothieboard. So far, I have designed and printed an effector and mounting bracket that securely hold the luer lock connector and tip. I will gladly share the design with anyone who wants it. I’ll post more details once I’ve tested it.

@hauser, can you share the design with me? were did you buy your kossel mini? will this one work as well?

Yes, I’ll find the stl and post it. I got some parts from tridprinting.com, others from other places, and printed the rest on another printer.

Sadly, I never got back to this project. I got it moving around successfully but never printed anything with it because I got another printer and also a new laser cutter and just didn’t have time. I have a bunch of materials ready to try on the kossel mini with the Discov3ry extruder and I just need to make the time.

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The files are here:

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