Is the whole Discov3ry project moving forward, or?

Hello all.
I’m all new here, as I just bought a Paste unit for my Ultimaker 2+.
I’ve read a good deal on the site itself, but wondered some about the stock text used instead of real twitter messages on the site.

Coming to the forum/community here, I expected a lot of activity, but most posts are very old, so starting to fear I bought the cat in the sack!

Please convince me the project is still going strong :grimacing:

Hey Dintid, thanks for checking in to our forum. The company is certainly doing fine and we are moving forward with some interesting new things.

Part of the reason there hasn’t been much activity on the forum is because our market has shifted more to the R&D market. These are typically larger companies doing skunkworks projects, so they rarely share their details on an open forum.

When one of our customers posts to the forum, we (founders) do try to respond in a reasonably short time.

Glad to hear you are active here, and you certainly have responded in a nice timely fashion on my multiple posts :+1:

I just couldn’t help but get a bit scared about how the website looks very professional, but there are some glaring warning signs, which I didn’t properly look at when I just bought mine (from a pre-order user, who never got to use it more than an hour or so).


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We are aware of some of the broken links, etc. We are slowly doing some updates to our website and cleaning these things up. Like many small companies, the effort is a work in progress. We’ve dialed back on some of our social media stuff, preferring quality over frequency. Same for the news. We see so many 3D printing companies just doing cross-linking, and we don’t want to be like that. I’ve posted a few things to our Instagram page, recently, and that’s been my favourite outlet lately for showing some of the things we are working on. I’ll be giving a featured talk at the upcoming Construct3D Conference (May 5-7 at Duke University), and there will likely by a few social media posts then.

As for the salutations, we honestly could care less about the titles, but it helps our customers understand who is doing what role based on the way larger companies are organized. The titles definitely don’t get to our heads! :slight_smile:

BTW, I appreciate your contributions on our forum. You’ve obviously got some good expertise. If you share some good, detailed tutorials on a project or two (see our “integration” template for the general idea of the level of detail we are looking for), I’ll send you some free cartridge packs for your Discov3ry. Maybe we could even turn the content into a blog post or case study.

It would be nice to see some of the instagrams in the news section… meaning just a link to it, to make us aware that something is going on - make the site alive. Or remove the news section. Same as for sites with an “under construction” for a couple of years. Gives people all the wrong ideas.

Salutations: I don’t much care what people call themselves either. Just mentioned as it is a common denominator for fake firms (My profession is mostly centered about being an IT Security technician - (Or Microsoft Infrastructure architect if we are about using fancy titles :wink: ).

Thanks. I’m going to make some blogposts on my on site when I find the time. Am as usual having a bit too many projects going on, hehe.
Cartridges would be nice, but lets talk about that, when I get there.

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