How to Connect to Flashforge 3D printer?

Hi Andrew,

I received the beta version of the Discov3ry machine but I don’t know how to connect the machine with my flashforge dual extruder 3D printer.

Here is the link of the picture of my printer PCB board. The color code is different from the instructions. Need some help!


The 5 plugs on the left hand side are for each of the 5 stepper motors. The bottom 3 are for X, Y and Z, in that order, reading from the bottom, so the top two are for your extruders. You’ll want to connect the Discov3ry motor connections to one of the upper two. I’m not familiar with the connections to the Discov3ry but I’m sure it’ll have 4 stepper motor connections. Which connections are which won’t really matter much. If you’ve got them the wrong way round, the motor will simply rotate the wrong way so you can change the connections around until it goes in the right direction.

If there are any other connections, I’d just expect them to be for a microswitch or some such to detect when the syringe is empty.That would probably connect to the connector labelled “EXTRA” on the upper right hand side.

Pure guess work but I’m pretty confident it’ll be right.





@inzaghink I hope all is going well with your install.

@El_Pulpo was correct (Thanks!) in that you will be required to add the four leads as either E1 or E2 (top L), replacing one of the current extruders being used.

Make sure when you are playing around with the GCODE to disable any temperature for the same extruder (this could also be done manually as a safety).

The GCODE reference section in the user manual should help with the tuning of your speeds. Please comment if you need some additional help.

Happy Making!

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