gMax wire connection diagram?

Hey Everyone,

I’m new to the forum and just got my Discov3ry extruder last week, but I’m running into difficulties getting the wiring for my extruder setup for my gMax 1.0 printer. I know there is a YouTube video talking about how to setup the Discov3ry on a newer gMax 1.5+, however it doesn’t say anywhere in the video how the connector should be wired to work with the gMax board.

So far I’ve tried the combinations below, but neither work and just cause the motor to make noise without turning the lead screw at all:

1st) 1B - Green | 1A - Red | 2A - Blue | 2B - Black

2nd) 1B - Black | 1A - Green | 2A - Blue | 2B - Red

If anyone can tell me what to try, or what the pin-out should be based on the Discov3ry wire colors that would be wonderful. I’m excited to try some large prints using silicone. =]



Figured it out yet?

I have some ideas if you are still struggling :slightly_smiling_face:

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