Full Disclosure

In order for others to recreate what’s been done, it would be great if settings were given in descriptions. I realize all printers will be different, but the extruder will be the same…

Layer height & nozzle diameter are a good start, but more is needed. Filament diameter, and filament feed rate would also be good. Ideally movement rate of the extruder tip in the X-Y directions would be available too.

Any chance you’d share the settings you’ve used for the nutella? It’s probably the most readily available quick start project out there…


We do plan to share as much detail as we can with the community. We’ve started with a silicone how-to, GET PAST3D - Ep. 1 - 3D Printing Silicone (Part 1)

Much of the information is similar for Nutella, with possibly some slight reduction in the motor settings (i.e., slightly slower speed).

Each printer is also slightly different when it comes to the settings with the Discov3ry. The motor settings (EEPROM or extrusion/print speed) for the Felix 3.0 are different than what we use for the Ultimaker 2 – same material and same Discov3ry. So there will be some amount of optimization needed for now.

As our community starts using the Discov3ry, we hope they will share the details of their settings – that way, eventually, a much larger assortment of ready-to-go printer settings will be here on our forum.