For Sale brand new Discov3ry-3D, London/UK, £300

Brand new unused Discov3ry extruder with cartridge starter kit, for sale in London United Kingdom.

Only opened the box to check the contents, otherwise utterly brand new and still in original plastic wrappers. Just had other projects going on and haven’t found the time for it, and it’s looking increasingly unlikely that I will all that soon, so I think it’s time let it go to a good home.

Looking for £300 plus delivery*. From the store, if my maths is right, they’re about £375 all-in (508 CA$ shipped + ~20% import tax + ~£15 clearance fee?).

*if you’re in London, I’m sure we can work something out for free.

(I can’t see a direct message option here, just reply in the thread if interested and/or you can reach me my username at gmail - thanks for looking, Dan.)