Food 3D Printing

Hello all. My area is food 3d printing. Glad to be here. See you around!


A. J. Perez

twitter: @foodfabbing

+1 908-635-3157

Can’t wait to print cookie castles and watch them melt in the oven.
whats the plan for food printing? i have been thinking about trying to print crystallized honey, process might be really slow even under the best conditions, but the most important part would be the right honey + crystallized honey to get it started. also this would pretty much require it to be printed in a refrigerator

Hello. I have been thinking about your idea of honey. Would the right honey plus the right seed crystal (from honey or anything else that may be efficient) enable doing it out of the fridge (just for practical reasons)? If the fluid honey is extruded at the right rate to deposit and ‘instantly’ crystallize then a 3d object of pure honey could be made. Actually, people have done this with melted sugar although that is solid at ambient temperature which makes it easier.

don’t know of anything that crystallizes besides, well cystallized honey… it really matter where it comes from (the pollen) that makes honey cystallize in the first place. so wild honey would probably work best from the right place.
someone will hopefully do it, but it will have to be near perfect conditions to be pure honey.