Flashforge Creator Pro + Discov3ry Integration Wiki

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##Creator Pro

Access the electronics board containing the extruder motor driver(s) on the bottom of the printer. There should be 4 allen keys IIRC.

Closeup of electronics (Mightyboard).

24V power supply

The problem with the Makerbot/Flashforge integrations is that the stepper drivers (BotStep) are underpowered compared to the Pololu Drivers. In the image, the green drivers are Makerbot, Purple is the Pololu DRV8825 we will be replacing with, and the black are Flashforge’s version of the BotStep.

To rewire, it is not as easy as just replacing the steppers, if you directly replace, you risk losing your drivers, or possibly your printer. I have included a detailed schematic I drew while completing the integration (dual integration for 2 discov3ry extruders).

Here is a cleaned up version from one of our backers (Thanks Mark!)

And here is how I practically mounted it. Using a small breadboard and jumpers. I know not ideal, but were up and running!

Here are some closeups of the wiring to verify any connections:

And several more can be found in the album: http://imgur.com/a/ZC1is

For the Discov3ry connection(s), I decided to run the excess length of the wiring for Extruder1 and Extruder2 out the back of the machine and added 2 x 4 pin MOLEX connectors. This allows quick switching from plastic to paste, or any combination thereof, and the ability to remove and store the Discov3ry when not in use.


Describe any firmware changes necessary for the integration process. This could include settings like disabling the cold extrusion code, adjusting the EEPROM settings for the Discov3ry (typically ~10-100x default settings), hard coding XYZ offsets for a new nozzle, etc.


For mounting the tip, the existing hot end extruders can be removed with 2 small bolts from the underside of the carriage.

And the hot end extruders can be relocated to the rear of the printer.

For mounting the tips, I designed a bracket that will screw into place and has the appropriate recess for the tips so minimal to no bed levelling required. I went through a few iterations in order to also add a trigger for the x endstop.

The STL file for the mount can be download here.


What are the ideal slicer parameters that you have found for a specific material? Layer height, speed, infill, etc. Please share a configuration file that you have successfully utilized, preferably using the slicer that is applicable to your 3D printer.


[Img Gallery] Successful prints – test prints or otherwise.
[Img] Printer and Discov3ry integrated together


One of our customers (thank you, Shafiq!) has provided some additional details about tuning the VREF (in other words, the EEPROM) for the stepper drivers to deliver the correct amount of power to the Discov3ry extruders. Here are his notes:

"I tuned the VREFs according to the motor driver setting.
I used this tutorial https://forums.matterhackers.com/topic/7/tuning-your-motor-current
and this video from Pololu https://www.pololu.com/product/2133 under “setting the current limit”. "

As always, we encourage the community to share any new information that can help others. Happy Printing!