[FlashForge Creator Dual] Motor spinning, but gear box not moving

I’ve been trying to get the Discov3ry connected to my printer (a FlashForge Creator Dual). I’ve struggled with finding the right way to connect to the printer’s board, but think I’ve got it right. I could hear the motor spinning, but nothing was moving. So, I took the motor mount off and took the stepper motor off of the other assembly.

Now when I run my printer’s filament load routine, the motor spins (very slowly). But when it’s mounted in the “gear box”, nothing moves. With everything off, I expected that I could at least turn the motor by hand, but I can’t. Though both pieces move freely individually, neither move when connected.

Any advice on how to deal with this? Is the motor maybe not moving fast/forcefully enough?

Any info on what that “gear box” even is so I can read about it? I’m not allowed to upload images, but here’s a link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6uko5y821mfqaf0/2015-08-16%2022.15.27.jpg?dl=0

BTW, can I get permission to post photos? I’ve taken photos of my wiring setup to share with others and make a guide for the printer. It would also be nice to get that cartridge pack for posting a guide :wink:


Glad you posted your experience, I have a MakerBot Replicator dual orignal, I think its the same built as FlashForge?

Would love to see your wiring setup.

I am in the same boat, the white gear does not move at all for me, manual or with motor. Its hard stuck.

Sorry I couldnt be any help. But glad I am not alone :smile:


I read your post and what you describe sounds exactly like what I’m seeing. The white gear (and the “gear box”) won’t budge when connected to the stepper. I’d love to hear a response from Structure3D as to whether that’s normal. It’s why I took the motor off, because something seems wrong. Either it needs a whole lot more power to turn or something is not happy between the motor and “gear box” thinger.

Yeah, supposedly our MightyBoards are similar, though I’m not so sure after all the searching I did. The FlashForge board is supposedly based on a Rev E, but I couldn’t find a diagram for that. I did find a Rev G diagram, but the connection layout is different. Maybe it was changed between, but it doesn’t make me confident that our boards would be the same.

I’ll post more detail when I get everything working, but here’s a photo of what I did. Note that the board is upside down compared to the diagram above. I was able to use a multimeter to figure out which pin on the driver matched which pin on the connector, but unfortunately my drivers are labeled so that I can only read “A” or “B” for each pin, so I can’t tell which is positive and which is negative. They’re labeled “StepDr v2.0”, but my google skills are failing me at finding any info on them. Anyhow, in the orientation of the photo of my board, the connectors are ordered BAAB (orange, black, red, yellow).

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Oh, another frustrating thing about the wiring is that the User Guide that came with the Discov3ry and the video on the site for connecting to a Felix 3.0 don’t seem to match (or else I’m missing something huge).

Here’s what the guide says about the color codes.

First of all, I have no idea how to make sense of the statement that the “Discov3ry uses Color Code 1”. What does that even mean in context of the color chart?

Second, it says that red and blue match the A coil, while green and black match the B coil. But in the video for connecting to the Felix 3.0, they pair blue and green with the A coil and red and black with the B coil. Or maybe on that board, the coil isn’t A/B, but 1/2?

Either way, that combined with the User Guide has left me very confused about how to connect this thing and it’s been surprisingly difficult to find info on MightyBoard connections.

Anyhow, I’ll keep playing with it and maybe I’ll stumble on a solution.

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Hey, I just was going through everything and think I’ve learned something!

I did the multimeter check again and I was wrong before. The pin layout is the same as the MightyBoard Rev G diagram I linked to earlier, except NOT upside down (though the board still is upside down, compared to mine). So, maybe that’s the only difference between our boards.

I rewired to match the Felix 3.0 video (matching on pin names, not left to right order) and ended with (left to right, from the view of my board linked earlier) 1A - green, 1B - black, 2A - blue, 2B - red. That didn’t make any difference in how the motor ran before (green and black reversed).

However, I decided that maybe it was moving, but just too slowly to see. Sure enough! Try the connections I mention and put a mark on your white gear. Mine moves 1 tooth per 30ish seconds. Very slowly, but it is moving.

So, I’m now wondering if maybe that’s just how slow it’s supposed to move. Or maybe something needs to change in software. I’ll keep playing. Well, actually, I just got the most of the parts for my first quadcopter build, so I may be distracted for the rest of the evening :wink: But I’ll fiddle with software later and connect a syringe with something and see how it goes. Hopefully I’ll get it all working and I’ll write up a more detailed guide with photos, but let me know if you want to see anything else on mine or if you solve it all :wink:

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The Dremel uses the Flashforge Rev D. I have posted some integration images on this board here.
The colour order on the Dremel is similar but not quite the same as the Flash Forge.

DREMEL Orange Red Black Yellow
FLASHFORGE Orange Black Red Yellow
DISCOV3RY Red Blue Green Black

The current set up of @MakerParents’ Dremel:

Here are a couple Albums from the original post:

The gearbox steps down the speed quite a bit to achieve maximum torque. This is why we suggest increasing the Extruder EEPROM about 2 orders of magnitude. What settings do you currently have? What is the default? Try decreasing the filament diameter to 0.1 or 0.01mm and see how the speed changes.