Extruding ceramics and clay

Hi all. Would really love to hear if people have had experiences with printing in ceramics/ clay to be fired in a kiln.

Really helpful if you could share your experience/ photos, what problems to look out for and what formula you would recommend?

Also ideas on how to increase to volume of the reservoir. Or how we could refill mid print to create something quite large?

i air dried the clay though could have fired, both grey and terra cotta, the slurry has to be very well mixed and watery enough to still be extruded, but stiff enough to stay together once printed, i used the larger nozzles with pretty thick layer heights just because the clay would jam smaller nozzles alot. you’ll get a feeling for the slurry, just mix down and test fill the syringe and push it out.
also re-enforced the tubing with other tubing and have some ptfe tube i need to try now since the stock stuff had trouble.

just cleaned up the tubes and stuff after letting them sit for months and it wasn’t too bad. i’m planning to try a multi syringe print to make a larger flower pot or vase.

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We have successfully paused, retracted (manually, by removing the allen key) and inserted another full syringe to do a larger than 60cc print.

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any pictures to share of your ceramic prints?

What type of clay did you use? I tried some prints with high-viscosity materials and faced a lot of trouble to control the flow properly.

How do you guys go about printing 2 types of materials on top of each other? I am using Ultimaker + Discovery system. How you set up your slicer to print 1st material, pause, and switch to second material from the layer in which 1st materials was paused?