End of material alert

A feature I’ll be adding to my discov3ry extruder anyway, but, did you already made something like that?

This is something we plan to look into, but we are keeping the Discov3ry simple for now. For some of these types of features, we will be looking to user feedback, so feel free to share any further ideas you might have.

Since I use a makerbot replicator 2, I can’t add anything in the firmware.
The only thing I can do is connect to the P-Stop on the replicator and make a print pause.

I’m also interested in knowing when the syringe is empty, and mostly for a way to recharge/swap syringes while the printer is still working. If your printer has a smart LCD, it could be done in firmware, when the extruder reaches the max position, it could sound the buzzer, so no need to modify the hardware… for those without an LCD, then maybe just adding a buzzer in the Discov3ry is all that’s needed. Could even be trigerred mechanically with an endstop connected to the buzzer…

Hi sanfouka, we are looking at ways to make the syringe swapping easier through a notification of some kind. We will add that to our requests for 2015. Cheers!