Discussion: What should be our $150k stretch goal?

We have some ideas for the next stretch goal in mind, but we want to hear from our backers and future users about what will be the most inspiring and motivating.

What do you want to see for a stretch goal???

What would make the product more useful to you?
What would make it easier for you to get value out of it?
What would make it more fun?
What would make you most excited to see when you open the box?
What would motivate our existing backers and community to spread the word?

My first choice would be dual extruder support but would be happy with multi colour mixing simular to what you get with the stripped toothpasre tubes…

Multiple extruders would be great. Imagine being able to “paint” a photograph onto a (small) cake, by extruding blobs of different colors of icing. And if you can work out how to do it with one extruder (as far as the printer is concerned) that’d be pretty interesting. Most 3D printers only have one extruder, and the rest have two (with rare exceptions), but how cool would it be to come with a way to use one extruder (in an electrical sense) to pick between a large number of materials (i.e. printing one at a time, but picking from many). Tricky software implications, but if it could be made to work, it’s be great!

I’d also like to see metal clay supported. I love the idea - the people experimenting with it make it look quite promising.

@triphi and @laird, I agree, multiple extruders is a pretty exciting possibility. Some of the exciting possibilities for that came up in this conversation.

One challenge there however, is that it’s basically a doubling of our product, which would be too costly to manufacture for the same price.

In another thread or perhaps an email to me @Lateralg suggested shipping the units with a set of STL files that are optimized for various paste printing purposes. What do you guys think of those ideas?


I have seen some companies using an electromechanical system to switch between multiple filament, which share a single drive system.

As I can only guess at your drive method, I do not know how it would adapt.

I like to see more Improve the discov3ry clay extrusion capability and performance.

Would be interested in getting your input in this multiple extruders topic I’ve created: Multiple Extruders

Thanks Ivezsy,

What are you hoping to make with clay extrusion?

Keeping in mind that there is only so much you can do without increasing the cost I would like to propose that you offer larger syringes.

I would also like the option of buying longer tubes, I have ordered the somewhat large Boots Industries V2.0 and think I would need 60 cm tubes.

Thank you. We know although we’ve never tried the BI V2.0, we know the creator Jean, and the machine looks beautiful.

The tube will be included in a single length, so you can cut to your needs, but it is a good thought to make it easy to purchase longer tubing.

As for the larger syringes, it’s worth discussing, though I appreciate your sensitivity to our costs. It’s important for us to deliver this on the timeline we’ve promised.

I plan on printing sculpture (figure/toys/jewellery) that I have digitally scuplt. My avatar pic is one example. I also plan to use a stone clay that is mix with resin and dry really quick. I have a whole bunch of air drying stone clay use by hoddy sculptors from japan.

Are you currently printing with clay, or using another material entirely for your creations? BTW they look awesome.

Thanks. Im currently printing in pla or abs. Unfortunately its hard to add detail and clean up. acid tone/ vapore is a pain. I hope to try the following sculpting clay.



a polymer clay like sculpey may be interesting. The plastic parts like syringe and feed tube could react to its chemical properties (melt) but still possibilities are end less.


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I’m not thinking of multiple extruders that are active at the same time - multiple controllers and motors, etc., would be expensive.

I’m thinking of multiple syringes, which one extruder could switch between. So you could only extrude one material at a time, but could swap between them. So it’s slower, perhaps, but cheaper. Imagine, for example, being able to load a bunch of syringes into a rotating drum, so you could rotate the drum to swap materials. And as a plus, you could have all but one of them blocked so they won’t drip!

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I was thinking of the same thing. Now multiple hoses would be needed and a modified nozzle(single head printer), or multiple ones(dual-head printer), to account for the material in the tube.


I’m hearing a strong desire for this feature. While it’s not something we’ll be developing in the first iteration of the product, we will look very closely for our future iterations.

Thank you!