Discov3ry Paste Extruder not running

I am using an Ultimaker 2+ with the Discov3ry 2.0 Paste extruder (and Cura 4.4.0). I have set up (what I think) is the proper print setup and material profile. I can “purge” the line just fine. When I go to run the gcode and print, the 2+ will go through the motions and draw out the lines… but the paste extruder is not moving at all. No sound of turning, no visible gear movement, nothing at all. Am I missing something in the code? not sure what is the problem :frowning:

Try using a lower version of Cura. We’ve heard some reports from other customers that there are some minor issues with the later versions of Cura. It is likely a simple procedural fix, but the quickest way to get you printing will be using the lower version of Cura while we look further into the issue.

any particular version you suggest?

Try version 4.1 and see if that works. If not, then try 4.0 or 3.6 (should definitely work with 3.6).

OK. I’ll try that. I’ll get back to you ASAP with feedback. Thanks.

I figured it out! It has nothing to do with the version of Cura, it’s in the Start gcode settings. Section E.1.6.k of the instructions states to put the following in the Start Gcode:
M320 ;allow cold extrusion
It should be the following:
M302 ;allow cold extrusion
Once I did that, the paste extruder functions just fine!
(update and you’ll be golden!)

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Thank you for catching that! We will make the updates on our side.

thanks a lot, helpfully it would work for me too.

seems i’m doing something wrong… i guess there’s still a lot for me to learn… i’m actually working as a chef but still trying to learn here… https://delicerecipes.com/italian-affogato-coffee-dessert/

Hey Shern19, just wanted to check in with you. Are you still doing a custom integration with the Discov3ry? I looked back at your other post, and it appears you were trying to set this up on a Rostok printer? You can post further details to the forum, or you are welcome to email me directly charles at structur3d dot io and I can try to help you further.