Compatibility with Printrbot Simple Metal

Does anyone have information on compatibility with Printrbot Simple Metal or other Printrbot models?

Hey @borko!

Yes, we specifically designed with the Printrbot in mind. I am actually working with one of our backers right now to get some of the integration steps optimized and he will be posting a blog update soon.

I will make sure to share the link here with you!

Looking at the Printrbot Simple Metal Assembly Step 29 the Y and E axes are inverted from X and Z.

The L-R wiring for the printrbot is:


Link to wiring diagram image

The corresponding Discov3ry L-R wiring is:


Wiring incorrectly would cause retraction instead of extrusion of your sweet PASTE of choice.

Another interesting support article on the EEPROM settings for various extruders. Direct drive uses ~100 and a Wades 3:1 uses ~500.

Through initial testing we have found an extruder EEPROM of around 35k to be somewhat reliable.

M92 E35000

This gets the motor spinning, further experimentation is required to fine tune.

Have any users found ideal printrbot settings? Please comment here.

Thanks Andrew (fink) for your help! The Printrbot wiring specs in this thread are confirmed on my Printrbot Metal Plus. They should work on the Printrbot Metal Simple and even older wooden Printrbots as they all use the same wiring that Andrew noted.

I bought this connector (recommended by someone else in this forum, but different thread), cut it and soldered my Discov3ry wires to it, and swap out the Printrbot filament extruder and my Discov3ry extruder by unplugging and plugging in each extruder depending on which one I want active.

I have a paste extruder tip 3D model that mounts to the Printrbot v1 metal extruders using the existing screws. I will post that model in next 24 hours as I’ve taken it through a few iterations, successfully printed it already and think it will work well.

On the software side, I’ve been successful so far with Cura with M302 (allow cold extrusion) to get the extruder hooked up and functioning. Now I need to start testing materials and actually printing!


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I have been able to successfully connect/configure/setup both a Printrbot Metal Plus and Printrbot Metal Simple. I will be doing test prints and sharing my progress and experiences over the next few weeks.

Most importantly, I’ve designed and posted a paste extruder tip mount that fits on the Printrbot Metal Simple and Printrbot Metal Plus on Please check it out and provide feedback so we can make it even better for the community.

I’ve also written up a pretty lengthy blog post on my experience getting my paste extruder ready to print on a Printrbot 3D printer.

I look forward to sharing information and experiences and learning from this community.


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@matthewtmead this is fantastic. We will be sending you a cartridge pack in return for such a thorough explanation of the connection process.