Broke the gear on my extruder, stl request

so i’ve been printing quite a bit of clay and really started getting somewhere early this morning, was switching syringes and retracted to while swapping and the main gear under it cracked on top. if you could send me the stl for the gear i would really appreciate it. is my email, thanks.

and upon further inspection, it may be a bit more than i thought. makes a pop sound when trying to extrude now and doesn’t push at all.

figure i’ll post some of my last prints before the one that broke it.

@cor5151 We shipped you a new gear unit today and it should arrive within 48hrs. We threw in a few extra syringes to replace the ones that broke in shipping. Cheers.

awesome, thanks! I tried to repair it with zip ties and abs glue and its still drying. I really appreciate the prompt service.

Also seen the pic posted, should have taken it before i moved it and it partially collapsed.
my mounting setup is on hold for now, made a usable model in sketchup, but decided it should be parametric so it can be changed for different setups, using/learning freecad now.

was my mistake and i kinda knew better, but letting it retract after it hits the bottom could be a problem so you might want to put out a warning to the beta testers, might want to grind it flat around the treads at the max out spot like it does when it hits the it can’t happen again. only solution i can think of besides a limit switch.

The pics are really helping me diagnose some of the trouble spots moving forward. I was able to recreate your problem in our setup and think of some solutions.

One thing you can do for faster retraction between reloads is remove the allan key and twist the lead screw by hand from the bottom. This is what I do to speed up the reload process. I am going to play with some ideas for the limits on retraction.

Cheers, hope your gear is close to your door!

I received the package today, The extra goodies are awesome, Thanks so much! loves stickers…
the zip tie/abs glue fix has worked up till now so i was able to do wrap up what i wanted to do with the clay stuff, now i’ll be trying something else until i get some good idea’s, 3 clay syringies loaded and ready.

and here’s a link to my imgur album that has most of the discov3ry stuff i’ve done so far.
ff to share or w/e

The progress is amazing! Some of the clay prints near the end have great resolution and tuning. Thanks for sharing.

Hope the T-shirt fits. Look forward to the next project.

just tried it on, fit perfect and very nice, love it! wanted to order one but my hobby is already way over budget.
the clay printing has really been fun, honestly would be worth having just for that. i mean clay pottery is like the oldest hobby/craft next to cave drawings and now we can print things that have never been done before, really amazing.

on another note my daughter picked up a clay disc i printed, grabbed a x-acto knife and started carving, so i’ll be printing clay blanks of models for her to carve and paint. your product opens up so many possibilities! so glad to be an early supporter.

i’ve been using about 3ft of hose and in regards to retracts i’ve turned them off on all my prints now and just use a 200mm/s travel speed, works much better.
would have to be able to retract much faster to be usable like a conventional printer, but would have use for toolchanging.
is the 1:100 gear ratio on the stepper a bit overkill ? might have been able to get away with a lesser ratio that would make speeds a little faster, getting a max of 5mm/s with 1mm layer heights.

things a beast

I have the same issue with the main gear therefore, I would like to ask you please if you can send us the STL file.

Hi Milad,

Can you share some details about what you are printing? Is it clay? Also, what length of tube are you using? Were you using our cartridges? How often have you used the Discov3ry? And when did you receive your Discov3ry?

This is a very rare problem, so we are just trying to understand why it might happen.

We will send you a new gear. Please email me (charles at structur3d dot io) your address details.


my gear broke when it retracted to far not during printing, i think that’s what happened to him, but not sure.