An early beta backer printing with clay

Our Beta Backer #2, Cory K. (@cor5151), already has his Discov3ry up and running with clay.
Check out the video he has shared on his YouTube channel below!

@cor5151 , looks amazing! We would love to hear more about the material.

Fellow Beta Backers, we can’t wait to see what you will print. We would love for you to share any pastey things with us here on the Structur3d forum.

Its just a basic natural clay slurry, only had the half a day with it, tried nutella first. had trouble setting steps per mm since there’s no real info on it with that gearing, but moved down to 1/4 microstepping from 1/16th and tried between 700-1300steps per mm just to get it going. but was def over extruding, had retracts turned off so there’s a lot of room for tuning.

noticed that the tubing swells a lot under pressure and was thinking of trying different tubings like ptfe or water line.

also managed to blow up my first syringe like a balloon due to a clogged nozzle when i was away. really impressed with the torque it has.

anyway i’ll gladly share results when i get back to it.