3D Printing with Silicone for the First Time with Discov3ry

Here is our very first experience printing with the Discov3ry and Silicone from the local hardware store.

We were able to isolate the correct parameters over just two evenings to get amazing looking prints with a resolution of 0.3mm.

There are a few notes in the album discussing the successes and problems we had printing for the first time with silicone.

0.3mm Resolution




After playing around with the silicone for a while we were able to come up with some pretty clever uses.

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Hi - The caulking silicone doesn’t have as much application (in medical devices for example) as a 2 part catalyst cured silicone would. You’d have a greater choice of physical properties. I could give you some ideas on the silicones if you would like.

We’re very interested in trying different materials for printing prosthetics ( http://enablingthefuture.org ). I backed this project in part to try this. So as there are materials with different properties, we’re very interested.

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Can you share details about what brand/type of silicone you used? Did you have any issues trying to fill a syringe without trapping too many bubbles?

What range of print speeds did you use? How long does it to take the silicone to cure?


We usually use this stuff, or something very similar.

Air: It is pretty easy to avoid trapping air, we cut the tip of the silicone tube to the largest diameter, then fill the syringe until it’s submerged. The process is straightforward, and we’ll be creating some videos to demonstrate.

Speed: Optimal printing speed is somewhere between 15 and 30 mm/min.

Curing time: depends on the formulation (check the manufacturers specs), but typically 24 hours.

@Laird, I’m sorry, we completely missed this message!

I’m honestly thrilled to have an active participant in Enabling the Future on our forum, we’re really big fans of the project! I’d be really happy to talk further with you, and will reach out to you via email right away.