Ultimaker 2 + Discov3ry Integration Wiki & Discussion Thread


Hey Charles, I’m with Rob, and we were wondering whether its necessarily necessary to use an older build of Cura.
I was able to set up a printer on Cura 2.6 as an Ultimaker2E+ with a Gcode flavor of RepRap, allowing me to add the same start and end Gcode that you did. Are you sure about eeprom as E2000 and not E12000?

Heres what it looks like:

Any other settings I should Change?


Hi Rob,

We have used E2000 and found it to be optimal. You can increase this number a bit, but E12000 might be too high. If the stepper motor itself doesn’t have a problem with it (if it does, it will make a noise), then this could lead to you compressing the material in the cartridge too rapidly. When this happens, this will cause inconsistencies in the flow of the material. The pressure will be too much too soon, so the material may further resist flowing, or it may then start flowing too fast and cause problems further down the line.



Thank you so much! We will be using E2000 then.

However, we have another problem, where the print head crashes into the side of the printing box because of the attachment for the extruder tip. What settings can we edit to make this not happen? I tried messing with the printer and printhead settings, but the issue seems to still happen every time.
I think it happens in one of these two lines:
G28 X0 Y0 ;move X/Y to endstops
G1 X15 Y0 F4000 ;move X/Y to front of printer

Also, when printing with the dicov3ry, the printing tip doesnt seem to get close enough to the plate, and hangs about two millimeters up from the plate, so nothing gets printed…


You should have received our custom firmware to install on the printer (it would have been on a USB drive). This custom firmware should adjust those endstops.

Next, you will need to make sure your Cura system configuration (Machine->Machine settings) is correct for the dimensions specified in our Quick Start guide. We recommend Cura version 15.04.6 with the exert settings enabled.

For the issue with the printing tip, you will need to level the build plate before you get ready to print. Mount the Discov3ry nozzle, then select Maintenance->Build Plate from the printer menu and follow the prompts. We recommend using a standard business card as a gauge. Rotate the button on the front of the printer until there is just a small bit of resistance between the nozzle and the business card. If the friction between the business card and the nozzle causes the nozzle to wiggle, then it is too close. Do this for all three stops on the build plate, and then it should be good for printing.

The other detail to make sure your first layer prints nicely, is that you must get the nozzle primed. You run the Purge Fast or Purge Slow print files for this. Once the material exits the nozzle, let it keep running another 2-3 minutes to build up a little excess pressure. Then power off/on the printer, and select your print file, and it should be good from there.


Thanks again. Unfortunately, we cant seem to find the usb with the firmware anywhere. Is there somewhere else we can download it or would it be possible for us to download the ultimaker 2E+ firmware and edit it ourselves?
Also, I guess we would need the purge fast and purge slow files…

We have been leveling the buildplate, but i realized there was a G90 in the stop gcode which may have been resetting the buildplate leveling - its no longer an issue, and we have been able to print!

Our next steps are just to fix the firmware issue so we don’t crash into the top of the machine, and to work on our flow rate for various recipes. Thanks again for your help!


O.k. – can you send me an email with your order details? My email is charles@structur3d.io


Don’t know if it’s still relevant, but you can get the official firmware from Ultimakers Github site. It’s Marlin.
There are also various 3rd party Marlin versions made for the Ultimaker machines