Ultimaker 2 + Discov3ry Integration Wiki & Discussion Thread


See updates to the Slic3r heading above.


Hi Fink,
Thank you so much, I followed your instructions exactly and the Discov3ry started!
I think I was not using the RepRap option. Time to test some paste!


  1. The mounting tip video does not help much and also, every time I turn the printer on and off, it has me reset the entire bed settings. Shouldn’t these remained saved unless otherwise directed to change?

  2. Under the Cura section, it’s mentioned that a big change is to choose the RepRap option in the machines tab. Is this in the actual software in the drop down menu under “machines” because I cannot find RepRap under that?

  3. Thank you!

Ultimaker Original Plus + Discov3ry Integration Wiki & Discussion Thread


  1. The text should help more than the video. I am not sure why it is resetting, I am not seeing this unless unplugged. Just make sure to remove/loosen the tip before running the bed level wizard.
  2. Going to update how to add the custom RepRap profile in the wiki. Thanks.
  3. No, Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi there, are the changes you suggest to CURA supposed to work if you have two printing nozzles in an Ultimaker? I mean, I installed the Discovery extrude aside the existing nozzle. However, in the changes to GCODE I do not see instructions to which nozzle should extrude material.
Will Ultimaker understand the material has to be printed from the Discovery extrude rather than the PLA one?(just by saying: M92 E12000)?
Cheers, W


I have not yet successfully printed with dual materials on the UM2. I have had some issues even getting the 2nd extruder to work solo. When I get a chance I am going to explore further. I suspect something in the firmware might be blocking the second extruder port.

We should explore more here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Marlin


How do you guys go about printing 2 types of materials on top of each other? I am using Ultimaker + Discovery system. How you set up your slicer to print 1st material, pause, and switch to second material from the layer in which 1st materials was paused?


Can this also work for the Ultimaker 3?


What you will have to do is add in some extra gcode. The Discov3ry works by building up pressure, and the only place that comes out is at the nozzle. So you have to move the nozzle chassis to a spill area to alleviate the pressure, then once that is done, build up the pressure in the second extruder before going back to the print. I know this is a little cumbersome, but it’s the best method at the moment.


Hi Simoner – we are currently working on the integration kit for the Ultimaker 3. I don’t have an exact timeline on this, as there are a few more details involved for this integration. But stay tuned, we will definitely announce it when it is ready.


OK Thank you.
I may be wrong but the video describing the 4 pin connector for the U2-Go mentioned that the wiring color scheme from the Discov3ry should be reversed relative to the existing U2-Go connector(E1). Is this correct?


Is there a guide somewhere to make it work using the standard nozzle alongside paste nozzle?

Aside from the gcodes, the height difference should also be mitigated along with defining distance between the two nozzles.


The wiring for the UM2Go is opposite compared to the UM2/2+. This is because the filament extruder motor is mounted in the opposite direction on the UM2Go.


We haven’t published a detailed guide on this, yet, because it is quite involved, depending on the materials. We also don’t want to give the impression that this works in all cases. For example, you could print wet silicone onto plastic, but you cannot then print plastic on top of wet silicone (or even cured silicone). So it’s not purely an issue of nozzle height and spacing.


What I was looking for, was say: information on how to setup using dual extruders.

What Comes to mind is the tip of the nozzle for the paste extruder extends far below the plastic extrusion nozzle. How do you come around that?
Also, how do you fix the tubing and nozzle inside the Ultimaker 2 carriage? Seems to me you have it hanging loose, but that can’t be?

To make it work using 2 extruders:
Should it be modified in firmware, or can it all be done using Gcodes in start code - in either case, a guide would be nice.


We currently provide a custom nozzle holder for our R&D customers that mounts on the outside of the nozzle block. This began due to the design change between the UM2 and the UM2+. The UM2 still has the hole for a second nozzle, but in the UM2+ it is a solid block, so dropping the tubing through no longer works.

Our custom nozzle mount was designed so that the paste nozzle height can be adjusted, and it can be level with the filament nozzle. Care must still be taken so that paste material doesn’t get stuck onto the filament nozzle (this happens sometimes with RTV silicone caulking: it can start getting “chunky” if the local humidity is very high, and these irregularities will then appear as bumps in the surface of the print and cause some material to stick to the filament nozzle).

For the UM2, when we put the tubing through the nozzle block, we simply use a bit of electrical tape around the end of the tubing to make it thicker, so it can be secured properly in the nozzle block.

Outside of these two modifications, the firmware is the other main modification, to enable the second extruder. Gcodes are needed, too, depending on how the print is set up. (If you have the Discov3ry connected on extruder #2, and are only printing with that extruder, then you will need to explicitely include the “T1” command in the top of your gcode.)


Thank you for your information.

Is it possible to get the files for the custom nozzle holder, so we can print one ourselves?
You might call me R&D, as I am sent stuff, figure out how it works and write instructables for common people without technical background or know how.
My public writings: https://www.instructables.com/member/dintid/instructables/
And new started blog which is allready ok crowded https://betrue3d.dk/en/blog-posts/

I saw the custom nozzle holder on some of the photos and wondered what it was.

If you put something like the nozzle holder on Thingiverse and Youmagine for free it would increase your visibility to the “masses”.

Theres a bit of confusion regarding prices btw… some places it is listed at around $1200 and other places at $400?


The $400 Discov3ry is the original, DIY version. More of our customers have been requesting integration kits, and that’s what the $1200 units are. We’ve already had some customers put their own nozzle holder designs out for the community, and we are happy to share those. But our design is not one that we currently share.


Are the instructions at the top of this thread still the most current for getting the Discov3ry up and running on an Ultimaker? I got it all wired up on my UM2E+. There has been so many additions to Cura now on 2.6.1, there has to be a better way to run the extruder at this point no? Is there some documentation that comes with the Discov3ry Complete that can be shared? Im hoping to decrease the amount of fiddling with it time needed to get her up and running!


Hi Rob,

These instructions are still reasonably current. Some minor updates for the 2+ line would be the nozzle mount, which would have to be done externally on the nozzle block, as the second hole available on the Ultimaker 2 is not present on the 2+.

As for Cura, we still recommend using Cura version 15.04.6 with the Discov3ry. Select Expert->Switch to full settings so you can access all the necessary parameters and custom gcode options. Set up the machine to use RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter) gcode flavor. For the EEPROM, use M92 E2000.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any further questions!