Please introduce yourself here!



Sorry I can’t help you, I’m looking at use for a not-so-sensitive area of skin contact. Best of luck in your quest.


Hey Structur3D forum,

  1. I’m Tim
  2. From Virginia (USA), down in Blacksburg at Virginia Tech
  3. Working on graduate research in 3D printing magnetic pastes for electro-mechanical application
  4. Currently we’re using an Ultimaker 2 with a custom extruder setup. We’ve got a few more printers on campus but the Ultimaker is what we’re using with our two Discov3ry extruders.


i’m get ready to setup web site in 3d printing, is it alright to link in your email’s on my site,


I’ve received the Discov3ry and an Ultimaker Original+, and I’m very excited to get them working together!


Hi ponson - can you provide more specifics as to which emails you wish to link?



i’m always checking . my web site is in a slow motion progression. the reason i bought the dual replicator printer was because of your product. i’m just learning how to use and maintain it. because it was affordable one, i’d like to share my experiences with other people who might want to try 3d printing but not have the big price tag.

  1. Henrique
  2. Brazil
  3. 3D Printing Materials
  4. I don’t even know anymore… some kind of Frankeinstein RepRap … it has been modified so many times!

  1. Matt Ratto here - prof at U of Toronto, director of Critical Making Lab ( and Semaphore Research Cluster (

  2. Toronto, Canada

  3. research on 3d printing since 2009, projects include: lower limb Prosthetics and Orthodics for use in developing world - currently deployed 3D scanning, design, and printing tool chain in Uganda with CBM Canada and Autodesk. (; printing satellites for Planetary Society, tactile displays for visually impaired, museum reproductions, etc.

  4. Objet 30pro, Dimension 1200SST, 4 Makerbot Rep 2/2x, Makerbot z18, 2 Makerbot Gen5, Cubex pro, Machina, Lulzbot Taz5, and 2 Makerbot TOMs (first printers!)


Welcome to the forum, Henrique!


Welcome, Matt! I’d love to drop in and see your lab next time I am in Toronto!



  1. My name is Matthew Mead.
  2. I live in West Dundee, IL, which is not too far outside Chicago, Illinois.
  3. I’m a CTO of a Software Consulting firm and I’m also a maker and like to build things. I use my Printrbot Metal Plus, Metal Simple and Wooden Plus v2 to build components of my projects. I was able to get my Discov3ry paste extruder wired and communicating with my Printrbot Metal Plus and I’m excited to get started designing and printing flexible parts for my builds…
  4. Printrbot Metal Plus, Printrbot Metal Simple and Printrbot (Wooden) Plus v2


Welcome, Matthew! We look forward to seeing what you make with the DIscov3ry+Printrbot.

  1. Ben Holness
  2. London Ontario, Canada
  3. Exploring new polymer blends for 3D Printing
  4. working with a DeltaMaker right now at school

Any tips on connecting the Discov3ry to a DeltaMaker?


Welcome, Ben!

What sort of tips are you looking for to connect the Discov3ry to a DeltaMaker?

  1. Morgan Knicely
  2. Austin, TX, USA
  3. Ceramic clay for sure, possibly also flex hinges, gaskets, shoe insoles. I hope to prototype inventions of my own someday.
  4. Deezmaker Bukobot Duo V2

Looks like there’s no tutorial for this printer so I’m hoping to be the first to submit one. I’ve had a harder time than I thought at mastering different materials like ABS and Nylon… so far I’ve only printed successfully with PLA. I’m interested to see how hard it is to adapt to paste.



Chris Finkle
Andrew is my background
Presently we have a Dremel Ideamaker


Welcome, Morgan! We look forward to your tutorial with the Bukobot. Nutella is an easy paste to get started with to get a feel for how the system works. Ceramic or clay will likely need a little trial and error to dial in the settings to optimum, since there are so many ways to vary the ceramic or clay mixture. You may find you will need to cut the mixture with some water to make it printable. Cheers, Charles


Welcome Chris! Can’t wait to see what kind of cool stuff you print on the Dremel Ideamaker.


Susan and I are excited to print our first Nutella project.We will post it here first!


I’m Jim Mooney, in the Hershey Pennsylvania area (USA). I’m using 3D printers to play, but also for work… I’m a pediatric anesthesiologist working to develop better simulations for training residents/ students/ etc.

I’m hooking the Discov3ry up to a Makerbot Replicator 2X, that failed every 15 minutes… Because of those failures, I replaced it with a Felix 3, and I have a Kossel Pro coming (eventually…). It all started with building a Rostock, which I’ve never managed to get printing yet…