Please introduce yourself here!


Hi @hyejilee,
Great to have you here!

I just ordered a 10" Prusa i3 from Maker Farm myself, I can’t wait for it to arrive and start putting it together!

  1. My name is Mikkel Meldgaard
  2. I live in Denmark
  3. I have been 3D modelling for some years during my M.Sc. education, and I’m currently working on 3-D printed prototypes to a startup I’m creating.
  4. I own a Makerbot 5th Gen


Hi Mikkel, I remember chatting with you on Twitter.

We’re excited to help you create what you want to.


Hi John, I also look forward to view it in action… You shouldn’t by any chance know when you open op for pre-orders?


Hi Mikkel,

We should have the pre-order system up by next week. If you want to be at the very head of the line, we could send you an invoice directly however.

Let me know.


my name is scott
i’ve been doing full color sandstone printing
and want to be involved in do latex material print at home.
being working with company online, still looking for a home print.


Hi Scott, welcome! We hope to be showing more latex printing in 2015. The sandstone printing sounds cool!

  1. Frank J. Fedel, Assistant Professor in Orthotics & Prosthetics program at EMU / Created 3D printing lab for O & P

  2. USA (Michigan)

  3. Interest: Besides my professional work, I am an inventor and life caster (I create 3D castings of human body/parts), so I see lots of applications for 3D printing including prototyping (new ideas for prothetic/orthotic devices as well as my own inventions), mold making, tool development, etc. Also very interested in printing with silicones (platinum-cure specifically). I’ve designed products using CAD since the 90s, but was never able to create them, only virtually (animated demos, etc.) so this is a nice step forward.

  4. I have the Printrbot Simple, DaVinci 1.0, FlashForge, Rostock Max V2 (latter two belong to the university), and have ordered/waiting for delivery of: DaVinci 2.0, FabTotum, Micro by M3D, New Matter MOD-t, and FLUX. Lots of experience playing with these, and looking forward to continuing to move forward, taking advantage of control systems on these devices, to perform other functions besides 3D printing.

  1. A J Perez
  2. USA
  3. Food Scientist (in R&D for two decades now), food 3DP a growing passion
  4. Flashforge Creator Pro = Powerspec 3D Pro

A. J. Perez
+1 908-635-3157


Welcome, @FrugalProf and @foodfabbing!

@FrugalProf, we have already printed some experimental custom orthotics for my brother using some off-the-shelf silicones and the Discov3ry extruder. It is really neat seeing something like this come to life right in your office. Do you have any links of your research lab you could share?

@foodfabbing Just check out your site and added it to my bookmarks right away, love the idea. What types of 3dp food projects have you worked on?

  1. Greg
  2. Live in Oakville, ON and work in Mississauga, ON, Canada as a CNC mill programmer/operator.
  3. I built a reprap Mendel back when they were new, with they DIY surface mount electronics. Right now I’m in the process of designing a MendelMAX that uses leadscrews and linear bearings. I’m hoping I’ll be able to turn up the speed significantly on it.
  4. the mendel that i built no longer runs :frowning: , but i’m hoping to have this new one up and working soon!


@greg Welcome aboard! I built a prusa mendel back in the day that has since been parted up. We are thinking of bringing back from the dead with a discov3ry!



my name is Hervé Ducloux (1). I am from France (2) and really interested in 3D Printing even if I have no background in this field (3). The potential is too big to not consider it and dream of all that can be achieved by using additive manufacturing.
I have no specific printer in mind yet (4), but I am sure it will evolve quickly thanks to all the contributions.

Have a great day.


Hey everyone!

  1. My name is Olga (code name Disco) and I am an intern a Structur3d.
  2. Originally from Russia but have been in Canada for over 15 years now.
  3. I am interested in 3DP because it is such a creative medium. All of the different materials you can print with allow for immense artistic and practical innovation.
  4. From the printers we have here, the Ultimaker is my favourite. So reliable. If I was to purchase one it would be that.

Look forward to learning more about you guys and being part of the community!

  1. My name is Shashi Jain, CTO and co-founder at
  2. I live in the Portland, OR area
  3. I first saw 3D printing in 1998 while working on a project for Intel. I’ve been watching the industry ever since. A couple years back I jumped into the DIY scene by building an SLA printer, which turned into buying some MakerBots, which turned into selling and servicing desktop 3D printers. I also blog and consult on the topic (@practical3DP on Twitter).
  4. A pair of MakerBot Replicator 2, Lulzbot Taz 5, Sedgewick 3D, Velleman k8200 (soon to be a paste extruder), Mini Kossel (under construction). I received Beta unit #31!

  1. My name is Deepak Mehta, 3dprint evangelist and CTO at 3Dee NV
  2. I live in Antwerp, Belgium
  3. just google “Deepak Mehta 3dprinting”
  4. a few Makerbot Rep2s, Felix 3.0, Leapfrog Creatr, CreatrHS, SharebotNG and Sharebot Kiwi…

We own Beta unit #3

Having issues with the speed of extrusion… M92 E1700 is still too slow. testing with water and not even a drop! turning on the threaded rod does extrude water, so this is purely a speed issue, so either the motor is not set to the correct micro-stepping of the planetary gears are not right.


Hi Deepak,

I just emailed Stijn. Can you also provide us with screenshots confirming the current M92 settings you have (gcode M503 command)? And just to confirm – you did follow the M92 command with M500 to store the new settings?

If you’ve done all this and are still getting slow extrusion speed, Andrew is going to look further into this tonight and will be on the forum.


  1. My name is Jim; I’m a material engineer
  2. USA
  3. I’ve been working with SLA printers for a few years, developing resins
  4. I have a Lulzbot AO-101 and two SLA systems built in-house by me and some coworkers

The Discov3ry showed up today and I’m excited to get it running!


I would like to seek your help and expertise on 3D printing of medical grades latex or silicone to produce a prototype of male catheter sheath. Please let me know how to proceed. Thank you.
George shehata


Done all this… still slow extrusion speeds.